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Model CMW-2


Winding Arbor Support
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A square chuck grips the arbor winding square - tighten by hand.   Chuck range 2 to 5 mm (#0 to #13 key size).  No wrenches or seet screws to adjust.  No damage to arbor.

A positive sliding lock. Handle is free to rotate in either direction - all the time.  When locking is desired, just slide know it's absolutely secure.  No ratchet to reverse or wear out.

Removeable vise bar allows mounting in vise, on bench or on the wall.  Left or right hand operation, horizontal or vertical, portable or permanent.   (We even provide the hex wrench and mounting screws for your choice).

The CMW-2 winds both loop-end and hole-end springs of all sizes - even winds loop-end springs in the movement when click or ratchet is shot... so you can clamp the spring for disassembly.

Winds, unwinds; inserts or removes; smoothly and easily.  All adjustments, clamping, and sliding is done quickly by hand with no hooks, ratchet, wrenches or screwdrivers.

Barrel ClampSAFE.
A clamp to hold barrels while removing or inserting mainsprings.   Resilient gripping surfaces grip firmly without distortion or da brass barrel.  No need to use glove - no fear of injury to your hand.  Adjusts easily to all barrel sizes and anchors firmly to tool.

msw1c.jpg (20788 bytes)COMPLETE.
Nest of 11 spring retainers in sizes 1" to 2 3/4" for nearly any barrel size.  Instruction, parts list and sugestions included.

Model CMW-2 includes:
Tool complete with clamp, nest of 11 spring retainers, anchor pins for loop-end and hole-end springs, hex wrench, set of 5 universal arbors, 4 mounting screws, instructions and parts list.

Optional Accessories:
LAP-2A - Smaller loop-end anchor pin (for very small springs)
Adapter for arbors larger than 5 mm (#13 key size)
Flat mainspring clamps
OBM - Beautiful Oak Bench Stand to hold the CMW-2 and all its accessories.
Winding Arbor Support

  Winding Arbor Support
Winding Arbor Support

Your complete satisfaction is assured or full purchase price refunded promptly without question.  Workmanship and material guaranteed for one full year.













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